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Human Skin Models

Human reconstructed skin have become increasingly important during the last years in different fields. Reconstructed epidermis already replace animal testing for skin corrosion and skin irritation testing. They are used for substance testing in the regulatory context of the cosmetics directive and under the REACH legislation. More complex skin models are established research tools for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry as well as for academia. Especially in this area, the diversity of skin models and applications is rapidly growing. CellSystems offers the Reconstruced human Epidermis (RhE) "epiCS", RhE with Melanocytes "epiCS-M", and customized services.

Reconconstructed human Epidermis epiCS

epiCS is a three dimensional human epidermis model. It consists of normal primary human epidermal keratinocytes. The cellular structure of epiCS resembles fully differentiated natural epidermis showing a base membrane, proliferating keratinocytes and a stratum corneum with an intact barrier function.

epiCS is the ECVAM accepted epidermal model for regulatory toxicity testing.


CellSystems manufactures customized reconstructed skin models and offers contract research and testing services. Please, contact us for more information.

CellSystems laboratory facility is DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified for skin model production and testing services.