SpongeCol , Collagen Sponges, 4 mm Diameter

Cat.-Nr.: 5135-25EA

SpongeCol is a collagen sponge with an interpenetrating, columnar porous architecture structure. SpongeCol contains unique columnar porous network which permits cells and nutrients to flow completely through the interpenetrating pores and provides an increased surface area for cell attachment, growth and migration. SpongeCol is composed of highly purified Type I collagen which best supports the attachment, proliferation, and function of cells. The collagen is lightly cross-linked for increased mechanical strength and durability for short and long term tissue culture yet is still biodegradable over the longer-term. The diameter of the pores ranges from 100 to 400 micron with the average diameter being approximately 200 microns. The each collagen disc is approximately 4 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm thick. The sponge discs fits into a 96 well culture plate well. Each package contains twenty five collagen sponge discs. This product is terminally sterilized and ready-to-use.

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Columnar Pore Architecture, 4 mm Diameter, Discs


25 Pack