Cat.-Nr.: 5201-1EA

PhotoCol provides native-like 3D collagen gels with the unique attributes to be prepared at various concentrations and crosslinked to provide various gel stiffness.

The methacrylated Type I collagen is produced from telo-peptide intact bovine collagen where the collagen has been modified by reacting the free amines, primarily the e-amines groups of the lysine residues as well as the a-amines groups on the N-termini. Approximately 40% of the total lysine residues of the collagen molecule have been methacrylated. The collagen is extracted from bovine hide and contains a high monomer content. The collagen starting material was isolated from a closed herd and purified using controlled manufacturing processes. A bottle of 20 mM acetic acid solution is provided to solubilize the lyophilized methacrylated collagen at concentrations ranging from 3 to 8 mg/ml.The neutralization solution consists of an alkaline 10X phosphate buffered saline (PBS) solution which provides physiological salts and pH in the final mixture.The photoinitiator consists of Irgacure 2959 to be formulated in methanol (methanol not included) which allows UV crosslinking of the collagen at 365 nm.

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Methacrylated Type I Collagen Kit for Crosslinkable Hydrogels