Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts-Adult, HDFa

Cat.-Nr.: FC-0024

Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDF) provide an ideal cell system to establish serum free human feeder layers for human embryonic stem cell cultures or as a model to study wound healing, toxicology or basic cell biology.

Fibroblasts are cryopreserved as primary cells to ensure the highest viability and plating efficiency. The fibroblasts are quality tested in both FibroLife Serum-Free Medium and FibroLife S2 Medium to ensure optimal growth at rates equal to or greater than classical serum-supplemented medium.

Special donor profiles and characteristics, like age, sex, race and source are available on request.

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Single donor, from human foreskin, cryopreserved as primary cells


500000 cryopreserved cells

Recommended Media

FibroLife S2, FibroLife Serum-Free