FibriCol Bovine Collagen Solution

Cat.-Nr.: 5133-20ML

FibriCol collagen is known as the standard of all collagens for purity (>99.9% collagen content), functionality, and the most native-like collagen available. FibriCol is isolated from bovine hides sourced from the only controlled, closed herd in the United States. Advanced BioMatrix’s manufacturing processes comply with stringent quality standards that have proven to yield unsurpassed lot-to-lot consistency.

FibriCol collagen is ideal for applications where high concentrations of collagen are needed. FibriCol collagen is provided in a 20 mL volume and is contained in user-friendly packaging for use and storage. FibriCol is sterile filtered and is supplied as a ready to use solution.

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Bovine Collagen Solution, Type I, 10 mg/ml, 20 ml


20 ml