Corium, Bovine

Cat.-Nr.: 5003-50GM

This bovine corium is derived from hides sourced from a controlled, closed herd in the United States. The animals from which the corium is sourced are controlled for age, sex/gender, breed and geographical area. Animal husbandry controls are in place for where the cattle are breed, born, raised and sacrificed. Controls including full lineage of each animal, ranch practices, breeding stock, herd health care and feed are of the highest standards. The animals have never been fed ruminant (animal-derived) protein.

All sacrifices are conducted under the surveillance of inspectors from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It has been certified that no member of the closed/controlled herd has ever been diagnosed with BSE or any other herd-threatening disease. The animals are sacrificed in an abattoir specifically built for animals from this closed/controlled herd. Hides are harvested and controlled under documented procedures to minimize contact with brain and spinal cord tissues.

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Corium, Bovine


50 g