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Trypsin Inhibitors

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For researchers in the field of cell biology, CellSystems offers the full range of products for cell isolation and tissue dissociation. With the Worthington Biochemical Corporation enzymes and biochemicals you will maximize the yield of functionally viable, dissociated cells.

The trypsin inhibitor from soybean inactivates trypsin on an equimolar basis

however it exhibits no effects on the esterolytic, proteolytic or elastolytic activities of porcine elastase. Cell isolation procedures occasionally call for a trypsin inhibitor, usually the inhibitor from soybean (Worthington code SIC). *

* Text is quoted from the Worthington Enzyme Manual.

Product Name Code Activity Source
Trypsin Inhibitor, Lima Bean LBI 1mg inhibits at least 2.2 mg trypsin, Code TRL Lima Bean
Trypsin Inhbitor, Ovomucoid OI 1 mg inhibits at least 1.2 mg trypsin, Code: TRL Egg White
Trypsin Inhibitor, Soybean, Purified SI 1 mg inhibits at least 1.2 mg trypsin, Code: TRL Soybean
Trypsin Inhibitor, Soybean SIC 1 mg inhibits at least 0.75 mg trypsin, Code: TRL Soybean