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Is a site-specific knock-in technology enables the integration of transgenes at a preselected locus in the genome, thus overcoming drawbacks of random integration. This technology is adaptable for gene integration in many different species of animals (mice, rats, rabbits, pigs) and cell lines (including CHO cells, stem cells and immortalized cell lines).


  • Inducible expression models
  • Reporter gene insertion models
  • Transgene overexpression models
  • Humanized animal models
  • Cre - driver lines

The CRISPR/Cas9 system uses the Cas9 nuclease to facilitate RNA-guided site-specific DNA cleavage. Our system consists of two components:

(1) A mammalian codon-optimized version of the Cas9 protein carrying a nuclear localization signal to ensure nuclear compartmentalization in mammalian cells

(2) Guide RNAs (gRNAs) to direct the Cas9 protein to sequence-specific cleavage the targeted DNA

The advantage of CRISPR/Cas9 over ZFNs or TALENs are scalability and multiplexibility. With CRISPR/Cas9 multiple sites within a mammalian genome can be simultaneously modified, providing a robust, high-throughput approach for gene editing and CRISPR point mutations in a variety of mammalian cells.