Stock Blood Collection Tubes

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Haematologic Technologies Inc. (HTI) manufactures high quality, plasma derived coagulation proteins, antibodies, factor deficient plasmas and blood collection tubes intended for in vitro research use.

The SCAT series of sample collection / anticoagulant tubes were developed specifically to

minimize in vitro artifact by rapidly quenching unwanted protease activity. SCAT tubes are carefully formulated to yield a reproducible concentration of inhibitors with rapid dissolution properties. The tubes are evacuated and stoppered under controlled conditions so that the tubes will automatically fill to the proper volume.

The three most common and widely used formulations of SCAT tubes are designated as SCAT-1, SCAT-2 and SCAT-875B. These tubes are formulated to yield the follwoing concentrations of inhibitors in whole blood.


Catalog number
SCAT-I 3; 5 or 10 ml 25 µM PPACK, 2000 KIU/ml Aprotinin, 4.5 mM EDTA
SCAT-II 3; 5 or 10 ml 25 µM PPACK, 11 mM Sodium Citrate
SCAT-875B 3 ml 75 µM PPACK
SCAT-27-4.5/5 4.5 ml 50 µg/ml Corn Trypsin Inhibitor, 3.2 % NaCitrate
SCAT-ACT 2 ml 6 mg of Kaolin per ml

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