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Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells

Human Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells

Human Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells (HSkMC) provide an ideal culture model for the study of muscle cell biology, diabetes, insulin receptor studies, muscle cell metabolism, muscle tissue repair, and myotube development.

Human Skeletal Muscle Cells can be expanded in an undifferentiated state for future differentiation. Skeletal Muscle Cells may be differentiated down the following lineages: skeletal myogenesis, adipogenesis, and osteogenesis.

Skeletal Muscle Cells are isolated from skeletal muscle, and cryopreserved as tertiary cells to ensure optimal phenotype and the highest viability and plating efficiency.

Our HSkMC are quality tested via flow cytometry to ensure proper expression of multiple markers of skeletal muscle satellite cells. Lifeline® has set parameters for quantification of marker expression:

  • Lifeline® Skeletal Muscle Cells are positive for PAX3, PAX7, CD29, and CD56.
  • Lifeline®  HSkMC are negative for CD45.


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