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Neurotoxicity Testing

Cell-based in vitroassays of drug toxicity are becoming crucial tools to screen new drug candidates before moving to expensive animal models testing. They are inexpensive, efficient, and ethically compatible preliminary screening alternatives to using animal models. Human iPSC-derived neuronal cells have been shown to be more physiologically relevant neuronal models than immortalized cell lines, can improve drug discovery and safety assessment, and reduce late stage drug attrition by providing a reliable drug testing platform.


We do it All! Applied StemCell (ASC) offers a one-stop-solution for neurological compound screening: generating iPSCs (healthy and diseased patient samples), disease modeling via gene editing for drug target discovery and efficacy testing, differentiation to cell lineage(s) of choice, cell line model characterization, as well as, a comprehensive cell-based test battery for drug efficacy, neurotoxicity and target discovery that are regulatory compliant.

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