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Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation System

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For researchers in the field of cell biology, CellSystems offers the full range of products for cell isolation and tissue dissociation. With the Worthington Biochemical Corporation enzymes and biochemicals you will maximize the yield of functionally viable, dissociated cells.

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Most traditional methods published for isolating neonatal cardiomyocytes utilize crude and partially purified enzyme preparations

such as trypsin NF 1:250 (Gross, et al. 1968) and collagenase. More recently the use of better characterized preparations of collagenase such as Worthington type 2 collagenase (CLS2) has provided better, more reproducible results. Like all crude collagenase preparations, though there can be significant lot-to-lot variations so many researchers make use of the Worthington Sampling Program to pre-screen several lots of enzyme before selecting a lot to purchase. Pre-sampling assures that the enzyme preparation ultimately purchased will be satisfactory; however, it is time consuming.

The Worthington Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation System (NCIS) has been introduced to provide researchers with a reliable, convenient, and consistent cell isolation system. By utilizing purified rather than crude enzyme preparations, it has been possible to minimize the lot-to-lot variation. In addition, Worthington use-tests the kits by isolating cardiomyocytes from neonatal rat hearts to assure performance, reliability, and consistent yield of viable cells.*

* Text is quoted from the Worthington Enzyme Manual.

Product Name Code Activity Source
Cell Strainers (Falcon) CELSTRNK
HBSS Solution HBSS
Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation System NCIS
Inhibitor Vial, NCIS SICNK 1 mg inhibits at least 0.75 mg trypsin, Code: TRL Soybean
Trypsin Vial, NCIS TRLSNK ≥180 units per vial Bovine Pancreas
L-15 Media Powder (L15NK) L15NK