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MyEZGel™ iPSC Matrix

The MyEZGel™ iPSC Matrix is a powerful tool for in vitro 3D human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) culture, with more accurate in vivo predictions for life science research and development. The MyEZGel™ kit consists of a vial of patented peptide nanofiber solution, a vial of MyEZGel™ “Kicker” trigger solution and a vial of MyEZGel™ Gro. The MyEZGel™ nanofibrils are formulated into a basic or a customer desired cell culture medium in neutral pH. A 3D microenvironment can be formed accordingly for hiPSC growth. With MyEZGel™, cells no longer suffer acidic or chill conditions; cultured cells are easily harvested from the matrix; all operating and growth procedures can be completed at room temperature or 37°C in neutral pH.


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