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Minerva Biotechnologies is the first company to generate human naïve state induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) using a single, naturally occurring human stem cell growth factor. Scientists believe that because these earlier stem cells have a clean slate, they are more easily directed to develop into functional mature cells, which could be used for transplant.

Naïve stem cells have several advantages over current stem cells, called ‘primed’ state cells, which are important for the future of stem cell therapies. Naïve stem cells do not yet have DNA methylation marks that commit the cells to certain developmental decisions. Additionally, naïve stem cells have a much higher cloning efficiency than primed state cells, which will be critical for the realization of stem cell based gene therapies.


MSF0001 - AlphaSTEM® Naïve iPSC Line, Female

MSM0001 - AlphaSTEM® Naïve iPSC Line, Male


For further information have a look at the website by Minerva Biotechnologies, as well.

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