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Coagulation & Haemostase Reagents

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Haematologic Technologies Inc. (HTI) manufactures high quality, plasma derived coagulation proteins, antibodies, factor deficient plasmas and blood collection tubes intended for in vitro research use.

Please inquire about products not listed. HTI can also custom purify proteins from other species.

Purified Plasma Proteins: HTI has an extensive line of proteins from human, bovine and murine source plasma

These include the coagulation factors as well as inhibitors, platelet and bone proteins. Additionally, we will custom purify these proteins from other species at your request.

Substrates / Inhibitors

HTI carries a complete line of ANSN-based substrates, which are useful for monitoring the enzyme activity of various serine proteases. Additionally, HTI carries tri-peptide chloromethylketones to irreversibly inhibit these proteases. Various other inhibitors such as CTI, DAPA and Heparin Cofactor II are also available.

Sample Collection / Anticoagulant Tubes

Non-sterile tubes with anti-coagulant or proteinase inhibitor cocktails for the collection and integrity preservation of blood or other bodily fluids.

Monoclonal / Polyclonal Antibodies

A full line of complementary monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are available. Conjugated forms are also available upon request.

Coagulation Factor Deficent Plasmas

Coagulation Factor Deficient Plasmas are for research use or for further manufacture into in vitro diagnostic reagents.