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Cell Isolation Optimizing System

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For researchers in the field of cell biology, CellSystems offers the full range of products for cell isolation and tissue dissociation. With the Worthington Biochemical Corporation enzymes and biochemicals you will maximize the yield of functionally viable, dissociated cells.

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Worthington Biochemical Corporation offers a complete method development kit containing an

assortment of enzymes most frequently used in tissue dissociation and cell isolation procedures. The "Cell Isolation Optimizing System" (CIT) includes instructions, references and strategies for the handling, use and optimization of enzymatic cell isolation methods to achieve maximum yield of viable cells.

The "System" contains all of the enzymes commonly referenced in tissue dissociation and cell isolation procedures along with the Cell Isolation Guide detailing the tissue types commonly used, the mode of action of the various enzymes, tissue culture techniques, and protocol optimization guidelines. In addition the guide lists hundreds of cell and tissue specific isolation references for getting started in enzymatic cell isolation.*

* Text is quoted from the Worthington Enzyme Manual.

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Cell Isolation Optimizing System CIT