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BioInks for 3D Bioprinting

At Advanced BioMatrix, we strive to provide high quality, purified, native bioinks for 3D bioprinting. This means that the bioink demonstrates features such as high print resolution, shear-thinning, mechanical strength, cytocompatibility and crosslinkability, to name a few.


FRESH Starter kit (#5218-KIT) - Gelatin Slurry Kit for 3D Bioprinting

Lifeink® 100 (#5204-1KIT) - Methacrylated Type I Collagen Kit for Crosslinkable Hydrogels

Lifeink® 200 (#5202-1KIT) - Highly Concentrated Type I Collagen Bioink

Lifeink® 300 (#5203-1KIT) - Methacrylated Gelatin Kit for UV-Crosslinkable Hydrogels

Lifeink® 400 (#5221-1KIT) - Methacrylated Hyaluronic Acid Kit for Crosslinkable Hydrogels

Lifeink® 500 (5231-1KIT) - Calcium Phosphate Bioink


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Product Name Feature Size Cat.-Nr.
LifeInk 100Methacrylated Type I Collagen Kit for Crosslinkable Hydrogelskit 5204-1EA
LifeInk 200Highly Concentrated Type I Collagen BioInkkit 5202-1EA