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Organotypic 3-D Cell Culture Models

Reconstructed Human Epidermis

CellSystems offers Reconstructed human Epidermis (RhE) for more than a decade.

The initial  name was "Epidermal Skin Test - EST-1000" later "EST1000" and became "epiCS®" in 2012.
(This name chance did not imply any technical changes to the product nor to any regulatory acceptance.)

In 2013 we launched the pigmented RhE - "epiCS®-M". It is available with melanocytes from donors of three different phototypes: Caucausian, Afro-American and Asian-Caucasian.
Growing interest for RhE and growing demands for specific technical / scientific support drove us to create a web-based resource centre for RhE:

It provides up to date protocols, OECD Test Guidelines, SOP and many more helpful documents on RhE.

On the CellSystems web-site in sections on epiCS® and epiCS-M® you find information on:
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