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CellSystems is your reliable partner for 25 years now. We offer products and services for primary and stem cell biology, as well as in vitro toxicology & drug development.




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24.05.2018 Visit us - 3D Cell Culture 2018, Freiburg (5. - 7. Juni 2018)

Please take a look at our booth D3. We will present:
- 3D Bioprinting
- epiCS®, epiCS-M and epiCS-FT
- matrix proteins for 3D models
- iPSCs and the new feeder-free medium AlphaSTEM
- primary cells and media
Looking forward to see you there.

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11.04.2018 NEW Bioinks for 3D Bioprinting available now

Advanced BioMatrix expands their products for 3D Bioprinting. In addition to the well-known Lifeink® 100 and Lifeink® 200, three new products are available now: Lifeink® 300 (methacrylated Gelatin), Lifeink® 300 (methacrylated Hyaluronic acid) and FRESH Starter Kit (gelatin slurry).

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26.02.2018 Minerva Biotechnologies Announces CellSystems as European Distributor of AlphaSTEM™, Naïve Stem Cell Culture System

We are happy to announce that starting from today all products – including AlphaSTEM™ Naïve Stem Cell Culture System - by Minerva Biotechnologies, a leading cancer immunotherapy and regenerative medicine company, are available through CellSystems in Europe.

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15.01.2018 CellSystems is Solving your Cell Culture Challenges

- Choose from a broad donor variety of primary cells
- Choose from a variety of cell growth media for easy cultivation of your cells
- permanently available
- fast shipment (< 48 hrs)
- low costs


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